What is spring cleaning and how cleaning service in Los Angeles may help you.

What is spring cleaning and how cleaning service in Los Angeles may help you.

What is spring cleaning and how cleaning service in Los Angeles may help you.

Spring is coming to LA and cold season will be over soon. We will spend more time outside, unfold our patio furniture and grill will be ready for some juicy burgers and hotdogs. Friends and family will come over for a glass of wine. Are you ready for this? And, more importantly, is your house ready for this? You can simply hire a cleaning service in Los Angeles but we’ll explain what exactly needs to be cleaned.

Just use our ideas below for a detailed spring cleaning. This is your opportunity to clean hidden areas or those that we usually overlook to make your place ready for fresh air during whole summer. Just add your favorite music (we suggest to simply create a playlist that will inspire you) and we’re ready to start!

cleaning service in los angeles

1. Fridge

If you usually use a help of cleaning service in Los Angeles, just ask them to add fridge to the regular cleaning and it will save you at least an hour of your time.

2. Oven

Use a self-cleaning option or fume-free oven cleaner and you’ll be surprised how easy and fast it can be done!

3. Kitchen cabinets and drawers

These doesn’t need a regular cleaning but every once in while, it’s good to check food expiration date and get rid of dust and crumbs inside cabinets.

4. Shower curtain

It might be the right time to replace it…

5. Filters on appliances

Your washer might not work as good if the filter hasn’t been cleaned in a while. Check filter on all kitchen appliances, washer and air conditioner.

6. Curtains/blinds

Simply remove curtains and wash them according to fabric instructions and wipe dust off your blinds.

7. Closet

It’s a good idea to go through your items and sort winter/summer items. Also you might want to donate clothes that hasn’t been worn in a long time.

organizing closet in los angeles

8. Cleaning tools

Your vacuum cleaner, broom and mop needs to be cleaned periodically too.

9. Deep clean coffee maker, kettle and toaster

Those small appliances needs to be deep cleaned too! Use vinegar and water for kettle, thoroughly wipe coffee maker and check toaster’s tray for crumbs.

10. Pillows and comforter.

Simply toss those into the dryer to eliminate dust mites. Even better – wash them and then put to the dryer.


Here, at Rocket Maids, we can help you with all your needs and more!



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Are you looking for a deep cleaning service?

Are you looking for a deep cleaning service?

Are you looking for a deep cleaning service?

Chances that you were away from your lovely place in Los Angeles last months. People are looking for some isolated, secluded places during these unprecedented times. Or, perhaps, you want to spend some time with your family away from crowded city. We are coming back to our homes after long absence and what do we see? Lots of dust, some mildew in poorly ventilated bathroom, dirty windows, you name it. Deep cleaning performed by professionals  would be the best option in this case. You might be out for a grocery shopping while deep cleaning service professionals will clean everything from top to bottom.

What’s included in deep cleaning?

We often hear this question and there is no straight answer to that. We just added 2 man hours to our general cleaning simply to satisfy all requests. Perhaps, you need more cleaning love in your bathroom or, chances that your kitchen would need a better scrub. So we’re leaving this between you and your cleaning professional.

deep cleaning service


Things that often cleaned during deep cleaning service.

Below we’ll give you some ideas what can be done during deep cleaning of your place.

1. Wipe down ceiling fans and baseboards.

Baseboards and fans are often overlooked, especially in older houses. Therefore, cleaning dusted baseboards and fans can be tricky and take some time. It’s best to cleaning ceiling fans at least twice a year and vacuum baseboards during monthly cleaning.

2. Grout in the bathroom or backsplash in the kitchen.

Properly cleaned grout can change the whole appearance of the bathroom. You will be surprised how different the bathroom will look with freshened grout. Small notice, however, you would need a specialized power machine to clean grout that hasn’t been cleaned in many months.

3. Cabinets and drawers in kitchen or bathroom.

Even if you pried to be organized person that keeps everything spotless clean, those drawers still gets lots of crumbs, spills and stains with frequent usage. We can definitely give them a good wipe so your place with sparkle even in hidden spots.

kitchen cabinets deep cleaning service

4. Blinds or shutters.

Another often forgotten item to clean. You may clean them every couple month along with picture frames and vent covers.


All items above are just an idea what could be cleaned during deep cleaning service that many companies offer in Los Angeles, CA. It’s up to you where to apply it and how often you’d need it. Let us know what your thoughts and what would you like to focus on during deep cleaning?


How to clean your place like a professional house cleaning company

How to clean your place like a professional  house cleaning company

Do you want to learn how to clean your place like a professional house cleaning company? There are many resources that provide step-by-step instructions and all of them are different. Rocket Maids is a professional house cleaning company so we decided to create our almost complete guide, based on our professional house cleaning company experience in Los Angeles. As a result, your house or apartment will shine if you follow these steps because usually you follow the same routine and therefore don’t have the time to try out new techniques. It takes time and a lot of elbow grease to maintain your place clean, nonetheless with a steady and continuous routine this can be achieved quicker and maintained easily, as a result you will have a consistently clean space at the end! Finally, here are some of our guidelines on how to clean like a professional housecleaning company.

Below you will find:

  • The complete list of things to be done during general cleaning
  • Our tips and tricks
  • Cleaning products that can be used during house cleaning
  • Things that require cleaning from time to time


All rooms.

  1. First of all, work from top to bottom. Don’t let the dust just fall down on a surface that was cleaned 5 minutes ago as you would need to clean it again.
  2. Dust and clean air vents, fans, doors, blinds and baseboards every couple of months because they accumulate a lot of dust and are usually forgotten during the cleaning process. Most importantly, if you clean them regularly, no need to do a spring cleaning every 6 months!
  3. Clean your vacuum cleaner every month as it loses suction. Remove and clean all filters, attachments and other removable parts. Discard and replace filters that can’t be washed.
  4. Clear the clutter, empty trash bins, organize every surface, also throw out all empty bottles and boxes.
  5. Finally, use a toothbrush for the areas that are difficult to reach. You may use it with your favorite cleaning product that needs some extra elbow grease to work.


  1. First of all, we have very hard water in Los Angeles and every professional cleaner knows that and because of this we always test and try something new to get that strong build up off your shower door or faucet. We recommend to use CLR, you may purchase it here:


This product is very strong so please use gloves and read instruction carefully before using it as this magic remover is not suitable for every surface!

Alternatively, for the shower door glass, we recommend using a very eco-friendly and non-harmful product – very fine sand paper, 5000 grit. This sandpaper is used to polish cars so it won’t damage your shower glass or faucet.


Remember: it’s always easier to prevent the build-up rather than to clean it a few months later.

2.       Wash your towels and bathmats as these things are usually overlooked. The towels needs to be changed every 3 days and bathmats needs to be cleaned every week.

3.       Use white sponges literally everywhere in your bathroom. They will help with tough stains in the bathtub, mild water stains and will make your sink and faucet shine like new!

4.       Don’t forget about the shower door track because it is often overlooked, they can accumulate mildew that can be easily cleaned with bleach. For tough stains or if you have a mold in your bathroom hire a professional (not a cleaning company) to get rid of it.

5.       If your showerhead is covered with hard water build-up, just unscrew it and put it overnight in a zip-lock bag filled with vinegar. And that’s it! No harsh chemical, to scrubbing – you will be able to get a nice, full pressure shower in the morning. Just don’t forget to rinse the showerhead properly 😊

6.       If you have hard-water rings in your toilet, your best bet would be Scouring Stick. It will safely remove unwanted yellowish rings and your toilet will sparkle like new!


1.       If you want your stainless sink to be super shiny, just clean it with a non-scratchy sponge and dish soap, wipe it with microfiber towel and apply stainless steel polish.

2.       Ammonia is a good product to clean stove top burners but not everyone can go outside and do it. Here is an alternative: use an oven cleaner (get one without fumes), spray on the stove, let it sit there for an hour and place burners into dishwasher and run a heavy duty cycle. This will remove build up easily!

3.       If you have electric stove burners, remove them and clean under them as well. Crumbs and grime can easily accumulate there if you don’t clean your stove properly.

4.       Don’t forget about the stove exhaust fan. Because it’s up high and no one looks at it but if not cleaned properly, it can accumulate a lot of grime and dust. Ew! Just use a regular household de-greaser (Mean Green, for example) regularly and you won’t have this problem!

5.       To clean a range properly, remove knobs and clean under them. This area can become very greasy easily and needs to be done on a monthly basis.


1.       Last but not least: clean washing machine with a special cleaning tablet. Just run a washing cycle and these powerful things will do everything while you’re enjoying your cup of tea 😊

A cleaning check list from our house cleaning company

Here is our check list for general cleaning. Please feel free to use it during your regular cleaning process and there will be no spots left behind! You may also find the check list here:


All rooms

  1. Corners (web removal)
  2. Vacuum cleaning
  3. Dust the shelves
  4. Dust the furniture
  5. Mop the floors
  6. Wipe the window sills
  7. Empty the trash bins
  8. Dust and wipe the laundry area
  9. Baseboards

Living room and bedroom

  1. Make the beds
  2. Dust the furniture and other items
  3. Vacuum the stairs


  1. Clean and wipe the sinks
  2. Wash and wipe the countertops
  3. Clean the mirrors and light fixtures
  4. Scrub the shower, tub and toilet


  1. Fridge, oven and dishwasher from the outside
  2. Sink and faucet are cleaned and wiped
  3. Microwave is cleaned inside and outside
  4. Countertops are cleaned
  5. Stove top and stove fan are cleaned and grease-free

Additionally, we decided to make a list of things that you need to clean from time to time:

  • Hair brushes
  • Makeup organizers
  • Cutting boards
  • Kitchen utensil drawer organizer
  • Knife blocks
  • Cookie sheets
  • Clothes iron
  • Door and window tracks
  • Pet bowls
  • Closets and drawer organizers
  • Toothbrush holders
  • Trash cans
  • Shower curtains (or just replace them!)
  • Small kitchen appliances (coffee machine, toaster, kettle, etc)
  • Throw pillows and blankets
  • Light fixtures


As always, please contact house cleaning company Rocket Maids without a doubt if you need any help with your cleaning process. We would be happy to offer you a general cleaning (one time or recurring), a deep cleaning or move in/move out cleaning. Also we have hourly prices in case of unusual or non-standard scope of work. Just call us! 818-208-1698 or book directly:


Addicted About How To Make Your House Even Cleaner??

When you hire a professional residential house cleaner (like us – Rocket Maids) you can be sure that your house or apartment will sparkle once we’re done. But what can you do to make it even cleaner? Here is the answer – storage container.

A large number of people consider the house clean if there is no visual clutter. All those endless chargers, plugs, toys, boxes, etc etc.. can significantly clutter even a decent size house, not to mention a small apartment.

The solution here is a simple container or square-shaped box that you can put away and access easily when you need to. If you’re not the greatest house cleaner or organizer, just sort all things by the theme: all chargers, small electronic devices, plugs, batteries and other related items go in one box.

house cleaner

If you have time you may also sort them and put them into a smaller containers. But even collecting them into one box will significantly declutter your space.

Rocket Maids can help you with making your house cleaner and with your organizing – just book us online here and add ‘organizing’ as an extra service. Now you can rest assured that you will come back to a decluttered and a cleaner place!

Move out cleaning will help to get your deposit back!

Move Out Cleaning

We have all been there. Moving to a new place is always stressful, expensive and you need to make sure that you return your apartment or house in good shape to get your security deposit back.

Thinking about move out cleaning? It’s always easier and safer to get a professional house cleaning service to clean your place (you may book your service here). We can guarantee that the landlord will accept our cleaning or we will come back to re-do it!

But, what if you’re on a tight budget or just love cleaning yourself and want to complete a move out cleaning without a residential move out cleaning company? Well, we can help you with that too!

Here is a checklist of the things that landlords ask to complete during move out cleanings:

Move out Cleaning

All rooms
  1. Corners (web removal)
  2. Vacuum cleaning
  3. Shelves are dusted
  4. Furniture is dusted
  5. Floors are mopped
  6. Window sills are wiped
  7. Trash bins emptied
  8. Laundry area is dusted and wiped
  9. Baseboards
  10. Windows and door tracks are cleaned
  11. Blinds dusted
  12. Fans dusted
  13. Interior doors cleaned
Living room and bedroom
  1. Furniture and decorations dusted
  2. Stairs are vacuumed
  1. Sinks are cleaned and wiped
  2. Countertops are cleaned
  3. Mirrors and shining fixtures are cleaned and wiped
  4. Shower, tub and toilet are cleaned
  5. Inside cabinets cleaning
  1. Fridge, oven and dishwasher are cleaned from outside
  2. Sink and faucet are cleaned and wiped
  3. Microwave is cleaned inside and outside
  4. Countertops are cleaned
  5. Stove top and stove fan are cleaned and grease-free
  6. Inside oven and fridge cleaning
  7. Inside cabinets cleaning

Mopping floors is the very last thing that you should do. Start at the very end and go towards the entrance. And you did a great job! Take a rest, go grab a drink, you deserve it! 🙂

Move out cleaning is hard but it doesn’t have to be. Book your move out cleaning now at Rocket Maids LA.

What is a deep cleaning at Rocket Maids?

What is a deep cleaning?

Let’s say you’ve never had a maid clean your house before. You may consider it clean but our professional cleaners can spot very minor details that usually get missed and we clean them when you hire a professional residential cleaning company.

As a residential cleaning service, we are frequently getting questions related to a deep cleaning package. Our deep cleaning is a quantity-based option and it gives you additional 1.5-2 hours of cleaning. You may add as many deep cleaning extras as you need.

Why do we have this option?

Sometimes only general cleaning is not enough. Though our prices are flat, they have been calculated based on an average time spent at the property. So if you feel that you would like your home to be extra clean or you haven’t had a cleaning service in your home for more than 2 months, we would definitely recommend to add this option. Please keep in mind the size of your house or apartment and add the number of ‘deep cleaning’ extras accordingly. Please note that this is not a checklist so please just chose whatever suits your needs.

Deep cleaning of the house

Once we are in your home, we will ask you which areas require an extra time and attention. Here is a list of what we can we focus on:

1.       Bathrooms. Window tracks, wet cleaning of baseboards, deep cleaning of the bathtub, shower glass that hasn’t been cleaned in a while, door racks, air vents, shower caddy.

2.       Living/common area. Wet clean baseboards, dust ceiling fans, wash doors, clean door racks, wet wipe blinds, thoroughly vacuum a sofa and chairs, clean air vents.

3.       Kitchen. Clean the hood vent, clean kitchen cabinets from outside, deep clean the floor, wet wipe blinds, clean top of the fridge, deep clean walls.

4.       Bedrooms. Dust ceiling, ceiling fans, wet wipe baseboards and blinds, remove heavy dust.

This is not a complete list, so feel free to ask for other extra things! Here you may find the list of things that we don’t clean:

https://rocketmaidsla.com/ terms-of-service/