Are you looking for a best gift? Think of cleaning company gift card!

When it comes to gift ideas, there are tons of different suggestions over the internet. So many ideas, lists all divided by categories, age, gender and your relationship. Many of them are just fillers or an attempt to get you to buy something and they will get an incentive from affiliated website.

We decided to create our own list (no links, you may find everything online) of the cleaning products that we love the most and think it might be a great gift for any adult!


Cleaning company gift card.

This is an obvious advice coming from a cleaning referral agency. You may choose any amount for the gift card and a gift of a clean house will be on the way to your friends and family. We understand that some readers might not be from a Los Angeles area, so just look for a company that provides services in your town and have gift cards available.

On the Rocket Maids websites, you may simply find a link to page with gift cards. Just fill out all fields and the card will be instantly sent to the recipient’s email. They would need to create a booking online, choosing a service, date and time. Or they can always call us at 818-208-1698 and we will help them with any question they might have.


Gift cards can be used for many occasions – Mother’s Day, Farther’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Baby shower, as a housewarming gift and many other.

Gift card from cleaning company Rocket Maids

Robot Vacuums

In our opinion, this is second best idea as a gift. You’re giving not only a device that will help with cleaning but you literally give them a free time! Just imagine how much time your loved ones could save without need of regular vacuuming. Especially if they have pets, they won’t stop thank you. There are so many good models these days for any budget, so we sure you will be able to find one. Some of those vacuums can even mop floors!


Portable upholstery and carpet cleaning device.

We especially love the one from Bissell. With this gift anyone can take advantage of own carpet cleaning machine and just eliminate those spots as soon as possible. This is a key in all stain removal techniques and carpet is no exclusion.

We’re getting many questions if cleaning company gift cards can be used for carpet cleaning. Unfortunately, we don’t provide those services but can definitely  recommend these machines!


After all, there are so many options on the market when it comes to cleaning gifts or gift cards from cleaning companies. It’s up to you what to choose. We’re always there if you have any questions and just remember that slots before major holidays can be booked up pretty quickly!



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