How to keep your home free from dog’s odors? Tips on better house cleaning.

We love our dogs! But what if you start to notice that unpleasant and, moreover, stubborn smell that is most likely due to your pets? Let’s go step by step and see what can be done to keep your house clean and maintain it’s freshness so you won’t need to do a deep cleaning for your house.

better house cleaning tips

Where to start?

To keep our homes free from the dog smell, we must to keep our dogs clean as well as their toys, bowls, beds, etc. Bowls should be cleaned every day and at least once a week – the whole area around them. Regularly wash their toys (dishwasher for sturdy plastic/silicon toys and regular washer for stuffed toys). Don’t forget to clean your walls, windows and doors on a monthly basis. Dogs love to leave their nose and paw prints on those surfaces! Those dirty areas can be an extra source of a bad smell.

Keep your furniture clean.

Fur can be one of the reasons of that smell, so it’s recommended to check and clean your furniture on a regular basis – bi-weekly, ideally. But there are different types of dog fur and different tools should be used for that.. Beagles, for instance, have a short, sort of coarse type of coat that will stick into the fabrics. With that type of fur I found that regular lint roller works best. Rubber gloves

deep cleaning service

method would work ideally with thin and long coat. Just use dry rubber gloves and wipe down the furniture, collecting everything.

Accidents happen. Here is how to clean it up.

And, of course, the major source of the smell is dog’s urine. Even the best dogs have accidents in the house. The best solution here is to wipe it off as soon as it happened. If urine sits long enough on the surface (carpet of hardwood – doesn’t matter), there is a chance it will penetrate to subfloor and will stay there forever. Accumulating those accidents will add unpleasant odor to your house and you won’t be able to get rid of that unless you’re willing to redo the floor completely. Carpet is notoriously bad when accumulating different scent but Resolve Urine Destroyer can be super helpful to clean it quickly. This cleaning solution especially effective in combination with Resolve Ultra Pet. First will fight stains and second one will eliminate odor. If applied when the stain is fresh enough, it will work very well.

Tips for better house cleaning each time.

No matter what products or methods you use, try to maintain you space neat and vacuum/wash floors and furniture regularly. This will help a lot with fighting those unpleasant odors.


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Is it spring cleaning time of the year? Yes and we have a few tips for you!

DIY or hire a house cleaning company? Spring cleaning tips for a house owner.

It’s a busy season for a house cleaning company! But why people love to de-clutter their houses during this time of the year? Well, I think it has something to do with a refreshing, sunny weather. We take out bold and bright cushions, putting on fresh bed sheets and everything feels different! Also house exterior needs some touch-ups for the summer season. So we are going to give you a few tips of how to get your place ready with this spring house cleaning tips.


spring house cleaning

Clean windows from inside and outside.

By cleaning windows we don’t just remove dust from the glass but also allow more natural light into the house. While you can use a regular glass cleaner (Windex, for example) and a simple cotton rag for your weekly or bi-weekly cleaning routine, you should opt for something more professional during spring cleaning routine. Professional house cleaning company use professional squeegee to properly clean windows from outside. If you use a cloths only, it will create smudges due to extra dirt from the outside. You will be able to properly clean windows with a professional squeegee (this one from Amazon is pretty good).

Check your pantry.

We know that many pantry items has an extended storage period but it doesn’t mean that we can keep that exotic spice for another couple years. Unfortunately, pantry items tend to loose not only quality but unique aromas and taste as well. So make sure you clean up your pantry at least every spring cleaning. It’s better to do this yourself since house cleaning companies will charge extra to do this and it’s just a simple procedure.

Go through your medicine box.

Same applies to your box with vitamins, band-aids and medicine. Please check your box every year for any expired products or simply empty packages/bottles that needs to be thrown away.

deep cleaning house cleaning

Check inventory of your wardrobe.

Spring is the best time of the year to get rid of old clothing. The weather is changing so you will take out your summer wardrobe and it’s a great opportunity to go through all your clothing once again. The good rule of thumb is to donate clothing that hasn’t been touched in a 6-10 months. Don’t forget to go through your winter items and get them ready for a storage. Wash your scarfs, hats, gloves and winter coats (or bring them to dry cleaners). Check all your storage boxes for moths and just wipe them from inside with all purpose cleaner to eliminate any odd odors.

Clean up and organize your garage.

House cleaning company provide specifically designated services to de-clutter your garage or simply make it clean again. But you can do it yourself if you have some free time. Just don’t forget to do it once a year, to go through all items and donate or recycle unwanted seasonal decor, books or sport accessories. Start with organizing and finish with dusting and cleaning the floor. You might want to invest in extra shelving to keep everything within a reach and accessible.


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What are the secrets to holiday residential cleaning in Los Angeles?

What are the secrets to holiday residential cleaning in Los Angeles?

Do you have a planned list of things to do before the holidays? We all want to keep things organized and be as efficient as possible. But what if you’re out of luck and can’t find a residential cleaning service in Los Angeles for your last minute holiday cleaning? We’ve got you covered! Below you will find some tips and trick for DIY process. This will save you some valuable time during this crazy period!


1. Create a plan.

Yes, you probably have a few plans and lists for the holidays and you lost track of all of them. But hear us out: plan to clean during several days. It’s the best to start with parts that require more time and deep cleaning. We’re talking about that backsplash in the kitchen, grout in the bathroom, baseboards in bedrooms and living room. All those things that require extra attention but won’t get too dirty within a few days. In this case, you would need just a final basic clean the day before your guests arrive.

residential cleaning los angeles


2. Donate old/unwanted items.

Cleaning is not just about making things clean but also space needs to be decluttered. If you have too many knick-knacks or items that you haven’t used in years, it’s time to donate them. You will see that cleaning in decluttered place will take less time, will be more efficient and the place will look cleaner as well. Don’t forget to go through entry closet to make sure guests have enough space for their coats. Old outwear can be donated as well.


3. Clean fridge before doing grocery shopping.

Unloading and putting back groceries to the clean fridge can be lengthy process. If you clean your fridge regularly, unloading may take even longer than the cleaning process itself. Make sure to complete this task before you go to your big grocery shopping trip. Don’t forget to remove all shelves and bins before you start. This will make cleaning easier and will save you time.


4. Do a quick, light cleaning the day before guests come.

Residential cleaning in Los Angeles can be different types. It’s a good idea to opt for a quick, light cleaning the day before you guest come. You won’t have time or resources to do anything else, so just opt for speed cleaning. Speed cleaning usually includes vacuuming/mopping floors, quick dusting of surfaces and wiping down shiny fixtures like faucets or stainless steel fridge.

holiday cleaning tips

No matter how you getting prepared for upcoming holidays, we hope you get your residential cleaning in Los Angeles on time! We wish you all the best and hope you will get to spend lots of time with your family and loved once. Happy Holidays!


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Should you do any clean-ups before your cleaner come?

Should you do any clean-ups before your cleaner come?

We’re using cleaning services when we want to save time and free ourselves on Saturdays or Sundays so we can spend more time with family. Instead of scrubbing, dusting, washing, we’d rather focus on something that we enjoy doing. That’s why you need to be prepared when professional house cleaners will show up at you door.

cleaning lady in la

Think about professional house cleaners only as cleaners. They’re usually not specialize in organizing (or decluttering), crime-scene clean-ups (and dog poop too) or magicians who can transform an old house without renovations. So what you should do before cleaners come and what shouldn’t?

You should: organize your countertops.

We all prefer different cleaners and value different things in cleaning. Majority of people like their countertops organized in a particular way. They prefer to find things in the same place where they’ve been left before the cleaning. But what if you left your hair dryer by the sink? It needs to be moved in order to clean properly. Cleaner doesn’t know where to place the hair dryer afterwards and will spent extra time trying to figure this out.

You should: declutter your space.

Obviously, some items can be picked-up during the cleaning but some places will need serious decluttering and organizational skills. Professional house cleaners usually don’t have time to declutter, so you probably won’t be satisfied with the cleaning as well.

You shouldn’t: leave out unsafe items.

There are many items in your home that might present a risk to a cleaner. Some biohazard items, any type of weapons that were left unlocked or anywhere within a reach. Make sure that some personal items are also hidden if you don’t want your cleaner to discover them.

You should: wash your dishes.

Usually this service is not included in general cleaning by professional house cleaners. So in general, it’s a good idea to empty sink before your cleaner comes and either just load a dishwasher or simply wash dishes. In that case, everything around will be cleaned properly, including sink.

You should: communicate your expectations.

If you’re hiring a new cleaner, you must be upfront about your expectations. This will increase chances for a better outcome of the cleaning. As we discussed above, people prefer different things when it comes to cleaning. If you discuss your preferences with cleaner and do a final walk-through, there are higher chances that you will be happy with the outcome.


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How to deep clean a gas grill and get ready for the summer.

How to deep clean a gas grill and get ready for the summer!

It’s summer time! Well, we’re almost there. Before we start families gathering after a long waiting and restrictions, don’t forget to create a list of things that needs your attention before the party starts. What about your grilling items? It was sitting there all winter and probably needs your attention. We will cover here how to deep clean your gas grill before you start cooking again.

how to clean your grill

Things you would need.

  • Heavy duty gloves. All the scrubbing, soapy water and grease from deep clean of gas grill, won’t be nice to your hands. Use a good protection to make sure your hands will stay dry and protected.
  • Dish soap. Use any kind of soap that you prefer personally. Any type of soap is strong enough to fight the grease. The technique here is more important than the detergent that you’re going to use. When in doubts, we recommend blue Dawn. It’s a versatile dish soap that helps with many household tasks.
  • Bucket. You will need lots of water and to collect dirty run-offs as well.
  • Grill scrub brush. Choose the one that have hard bristles, so it will be good enough for a yearly heavy-duty cleaning. It can be with a scraper but we would recommend to get a scraper separately.

How to clean.

First, to deep clean a gas grill, start with pre-heating grill for 15 minutes. This will help to warm-up the grease and make it softer so it’s easier to remove. Same principle as when you clean an oven. Before applying an oven cleaner, it’s easier to warm up an oven and go from there.

Turn off the gas using propane tank valve. Prepare bucket of warm water with a few drops of dish soap in it. Simply dip a grill scrub brush into the water and start cleaning the grates. Steam from hot grates will help to loosen dirt and grease.

When you’re done, don’t forget to cover grates with cooking oil so food won’t stick next time.

Next step is to remove and clean deflectors in the bucket with soapy water. This will help to reduce smoke and burnouts next time you cook.

Same way remove and clean gas burners. Grease and dirt can cause some blockage so it’s very important to clean them and then rinse with fresh water from inside.

Move to the inside grill then and clean a cook box. Simply put the bucket to collect dirty water underneath the grill but remove propane tank first. Use garden hose to rinse the box. Wipe dry all the parts and place them back.

Finish with stainless steel cleaner and wipe down the top part of the grill.


We hope this was useful and you will have a great BBQ party this summer! For all other cleaning related issues, we’re always here for you:



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Deep cleaning service in LA can help to save your time today.

Deep cleaning service in LA can help to save your time today.

How deep cleaning service in LA can help you to save your valuable time.

You may think it’s a luxury to hire someone to clean your place while in reality it’s all about how much time you can save. No matter what you do for living, your time is super valuable. Also, not everyone can enjoy scrubbing their shower or keep the floor clean under the sofa. If you don’t like cleaning, you could spent your time more enjoyably with help of professional house cleaners. Allow deep cleaning service in LA to take hard and dirty work and you will return to a clean home.


How much does it cost?

You may simply research costs online, there are many websites that provide a range of cleaning services prices in your area. The price is also depends on several factors. First of all, your location. Some cities are more expensive to live and labour will cost more. It also depends on local taxes, so please take that into consideration as well.

Some companies use high-end products that cost more so you should consider that when comparing prices. If you want your service to use non-toxic products, you should discuss that before hiring them. Also some companies use green products only. These products could be less effective that toxic ones, so working with them will require more elbow grease. Therefore, they will spend more time and the service will be more expensive after all.

If you’re unhappy with results of self-cleaning.

“If you want to do it right, do it yourself”. We all know this old saying. But what about professional services? We all have our own understanding of clean space. Some people are more detailed than others. Some don’t even know what deep cleaning service in LA can do for your place. If you’re unhappy with the results of cleaning yourself, you should definitely try a professional service and allow to people who do that for a living, to clean your space.

If everything goes well, you’ll be able to see results right away. Overlooked things like window cills or baseboards can add charm to your place when cleaned properly.


If you want to save money.

Consider doing some pre-cleaning before professional cleaner arrives to your home. This may sound like too much to do but cleaning itself will be more beneficial if you save time for cleaner by decluttering common space. Most cleaning professionals can organize as well but it takes time and would cost more to you. If you like your things to be where they belong, try to organize everything before deep cleaning service in LA come to clean. This simple procedure will cut off 1-2 hours from your final bill.


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What is spring cleaning and how cleaning service in Los Angeles may help you.

What is spring cleaning and how cleaning service in Los Angeles may help you.

What is spring cleaning and how cleaning service in Los Angeles may help you.

Spring is coming to LA and cold season will be over soon. We will spend more time outside, unfold our patio furniture and grill will be ready for some juicy burgers and hotdogs. Friends and family will come over for a glass of wine. Are you ready for this? And, more importantly, is your house ready for this? You can simply hire a cleaning service in Los Angeles but we’ll explain what exactly needs to be cleaned.

Just use our ideas below for a detailed spring cleaning. This is your opportunity to clean hidden areas or those that we usually overlook to make your place ready for fresh air during whole summer. Just add your favorite music (we suggest to simply create a playlist that will inspire you) and we’re ready to start!

cleaning service in los angeles

1. Fridge

If you usually use a help of cleaning service in Los Angeles, just ask them to add fridge to the regular cleaning and it will save you at least an hour of your time.

2. Oven

Use a self-cleaning option or fume-free oven cleaner and you’ll be surprised how easy and fast it can be done!

3. Kitchen cabinets and drawers

These doesn’t need a regular cleaning but every once in while, it’s good to check food expiration date and get rid of dust and crumbs inside cabinets.

4. Shower curtain

It might be the right time to replace it…

5. Filters on appliances

Your washer might not work as good if the filter hasn’t been cleaned in a while. Check filter on all kitchen appliances, washer and air conditioner.

6. Curtains/blinds

Simply remove curtains and wash them according to fabric instructions and wipe dust off your blinds.

7. Closet

It’s a good idea to go through your items and sort winter/summer items. Also you might want to donate clothes that hasn’t been worn in a long time.

organizing closet in los angeles

8. Cleaning tools

Your vacuum cleaner, broom and mop needs to be cleaned periodically too.

9. Deep clean coffee maker, kettle and toaster

Those small appliances needs to be deep cleaned too! Use vinegar and water for kettle, thoroughly wipe coffee maker and check toaster’s tray for crumbs.

10. Pillows and comforter.

Simply toss those into the dryer to eliminate dust mites. Even better – wash them and then put to the dryer.


Here, at Rocket Maids, we can help you with all your needs and more!



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What maids of Los Angeles want you to know

What maids of Los Angeles want you to know

What maids of Los Angeles want you to know.

No matter how many times you hired a company or a person to clean your house (or even if you’re just going to try it for the first time), there are some things that professional maids in Los Angeles wants you to know. It’s quite simple to get a help these days but you still need to be prepared for some things in advance to get best cleaning possible and be satisfied with the results.

maids los angeles

Difference between cleaning and organizing.

It’s understandable that some people see decluttering process as a part of cleaning routine. However, when time was allocated for cleaning only, it’s pretty difficult to save time for big organizing tasks. Surely, professional cleaners will do basic organization during cleaning – picking clothes from the floor, organizing bathroom vanity and kitchen countertops.

However, if you need some serious de-cluttering, you should consider booking hourly service and let your cleaner know this in advance. In this case, they will come prepared and will have more trash bags and time for organizing space.

Let us know if you have pets.

Many pets can shed a lot and maids in Los Angeles should come prepared. Professional cleaners carry special vacuum attachments, some using specific odor-removing cleaning supplies. Some cleaners might also have allergies so it’s very important to let them know in advance.

Please also note that professional residential cleaners are not responsible for pet cleanup. This is considered as bio-hazard thing to do. Specialized companies can be called to help you with this problem.

Plan your time accordingly.

Thorough cleaning needs time. Don’t expect spectacular results and deep cleaning if you booked just general cleaning and didn’t leave your maid enough time to focus on extra areas. You may always call and ask for time estimate if you’re unsure how many hours you would need.

maids in los angeles for decluttering

Communicate and ask questions.

It’s very important that you discuss everything with your cleaner before first cleaning. Maids in Los Angeles are very experienced and professional but they also need to know if you’re looking for a specific result. Definition of clean place is absolutely subjective and different people are looking for different things. Same professional cleaner might be a best fit for one family and just a disaster for another one. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a walk-through before cleaning. That way you point out what you’re expecting at the end of the cleaning.



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Cleaning services in Glendale CA

Cleaning services in Glendale CA

Why do you need a cleaning service in Glendale, CA?

Holidays are coming and we keep collecting those ‘to-do’ papers with endless tasks and checklists. You just crossed-off all items from your ‘gifts’ list for your family but you still got ‘friends’, ‘colleagues’, ‘school’ lists to do. With all the craziness going on in the world right now, we all need a peace of mind. But what if you simply don’t have energy or time to do all that?

Thankfully, we’re leaving not only during challenging times but also fast-pacing times. Turning to modern and simple services, could save you lots of time. Uber, Doordash, many online stores has changed our lives forever. Now progressive and effective way to clean your home is also available. If you’re looking for modern cleaning service in Glendale, CA, we’re here to help.

cleaning service in Glendale, CA
Why do you need a cleaning service in Glendale?

1. You will have a peace of mind with cleaning service.

Clean house is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a healthy way to live. Simple wiping task will clean surfaces from germs and viruses. Vacuuming will remove allergens-filled dust. Wiping floors will not only protects them but also remove spills from hidden spots. Constant cleaning maintenance of your space provides better protection for you and your family.

We refer one of the best cleaning professionals in Glendale, CA and they will protect your family while cleaning your space. You may communicate before the cleaning what you’re expecting to see upon completion. If there are any particular things that you would like them to focus on – just let them know.

2. A cleaning professional knows how to clean.

Not only how to clean, but what to use as well. Professional cleaners have years of experience and know what to use on a particular surface. You, probably, have searched many times what to use on unfinished wood or on marble surface. Cleaning professionals usually know what to use on them and what technics to apply.

Some professionals can use green cleaning supplies per your request, which adds gives you a confidence that product will not cause an allergic reaction. It is also safe to use around kids and pets.

3. Flat prices and online booking.

Many cleaning services in Glendale, CA are starting to provide flat pricing for your house cleaning. No one has time for in-house estimates these days and flat pricing is a new way to go. If you need a custom cleaning (some areas doesn’t need cleaning) then you may simply go with hourly rates and be sure that cleaners will be fast and thorough.

Online bookings are another option to simplify cleaning process. Just go to cleaning service’s website, choose date and time that you prefer, check pricing and boom it! That’s so simple and time-efficient as well.

4. Task is too big to handle.

Some cleaning tasks require specific knowledge or simply more people to handle. For example, cleaning professionals has performed so many move out cleanings, so they know what landlord would expect to see to get that deposit back. Some people try to clean themselves only to find out later that their regular cleaning supplies are not effective on dirt that was building up in hidden spaces for years. This will lead to extra expenses and, eventually, calling a cleaning professional.

Another example is your house is simply too big for a single person to clean. By providing exact size of your place and number of rooms that needs to be cleaned during the booking, you will help a cleaning company to prioritize your booking accordingly and send as many cleaners as needed.

We hope this article was useful and we will be happy if you learned something new!


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Why do you need an apartment cleaning service in Los Angeles?

Why do you need an apartment cleaning service in Los Angeles?

Why do you need an apartment cleaning service in Los Angeles?

Either you’re renting or you own an apartment, we all come to thinking if we need a service to help us to maintain cleanliness. For many of us, clean place does mean a lot: quality of life, enjoy basic things in a clean habitat, having friends and family over and, most importantly, getting that deposit back or keep good value of the property. So let’s see how apartment cleaning service in Los Angeles can help us to achieve all these goals.

apartment cleaning service los angeles

1. You will be working with cleaning experts.

Of course, if you keep your place in a relatively good shape, you don’t need to know many tips and tricks on cleaning. However, many people prefer to clean their apartments bi-weekly or once a month. In this case professionals will help you by cleaning overlooked surfaces – baseboards, picture frames, shelves, etc. They also know how to clean stubborn hard water stains in cases when client decided that shower cleans itself. Cleaning professionals bring tools and mild cleaning supplies with them. Sometimes it’s all about elbow grease and not some magical chemicals from the store.

2. It saves your time.

Cleaners usually have a specific plan on how to get place cleaned in less time that it would take for an average person. They are cleaning from top to bottom, from left to right and rarely miss anything. When an average person cleans their own place, they constantly get distracted by phones, by photos, messages so it adds time to the cleaning. If you’re a busy professional, hiring a professional apartment cleaning service in Los Angeles might be beneficial for you because it saves your valued time.

cleaning service los angeles

3. You may choose your cleaning package.

Usually people don’t realize that they may easily customize their standard cleaning. Services often offer some extra options to general cleaning. What your cleaner to focus on the grout in the bathroom of extra time spent on the kitchen? No problem, this is usually included in deep cleaning package. You may also order oven or fridge cleaning or just go with hourly prices to customize your cleaning experience.

4. Never miss a cleaning.

You may get overwhelmed with your life and completely forget that apartment hasn’t been cleaned in a while. Great cleaning service with online scheduling and cash-free payments will be an ideal partner for you. Typically, these companies use online booking software that automatically keeps tracking of your cleanings, depending on frequency. Those systems will be sending you reminders or text messages (whichever you prefer) in advance, so you will be able to login and change the date if needed.

No matter what service you choose, make sure that they provide a great customer service and pay a special attention to their client.


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