When you hire a professional residential cleaning service (like us – Rocket Maids) you can be sure that your house or apartment will sparkle once we’re done and leave the place. But what can you do to make it even cleaner? Here is the answer – storage container.

A large number of people consider the place clean if there is no visual clutter. All those endless chargers, plugs, toys, boxes, etc etc.. can significantly clutter even a decent size house, not to mention a small apartment.

The solution here is a simple container or square-shaped box that you can put away and access easily when you need to. If you’re not the greatest organizer, just sort all things by the theme: all chargers, small electronic devices, plugs, batteries and other related items go in one box.

If you have time you may also sort them and put them into a smaller containers. But even collecting them into one b ox will significantly declutter your space.

Rocket Maids can help you with organizing – just book us online here and add ‘organizing’ as an extra service. Now you can rest assured that you will come back to a decluttered place!

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