About Us

Welcome to Rocket Maids LA.
We refer professional cleaners for best housekeeping and maid services.
best cleaning service in los angeles

Who wants to find the secret to a clean home all the time?

Working with a professional housekeeping team is the right start to finding the secret. We are bold enough to promise to always refer the best cleaners to your home.

Where are we located

We refer professional cleaners all over Los Angeles and Orange County. Rocket Maids LA is a happy and professional housekeeping referral company with the goal of offering premium house cleaning and maid services to our customers. We stand behind this statement as we only work with top cleaners in Los Angeles that have stellar reviews from customers.

What we do

We believe that a clean life starts with a clean home. During these busy times we struggle to upkeep our homes and to keep them clean. That’s why we believe that a referral service is a quintessential part of modern life. We don’t require any contracts, no obligations, you choose what needs to be cleaned and when.

We promise that your home will be cleaned by a vetted professional who has years of experience in residential cleaning. We’re offering one of the best referrals for house cleaning and maid services in Los Angeles, CA.

Why Rocket Maids LA

We’re focused on customer service. Rocket Maids LA have a direct local phone number and we’re there for you if you have any questions regarding service. Rocket Maids LA also respects your privacy and have an online booking system, where you can create custom bookings yourself, based on your needs.

We will contact you only if we have some questions and want to make sure that everything goes smoothly on the day of cleaning. We will also send a one-click-survey the next day to make sure that everything went well and you were happy with your referral.

We used Rocket Maids for a move out clean and they did such a great job. It was a great price, same day service and they had all their supplies so we didn't need to do anything

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you will find this useful, these are questions that we’ve been asked most often. If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help

It all depends on the condition of your place and only once the cleaners are at your home, they will be able to give you the exact timing. Before that we can only estimate based on the description you provide. Please keep in mind that general cleaning is suitable for relatively clean houses and usually take 2,5 hours for 1 bdrm, 3 hours for 2 bdrm place and so on.

If you think that your bathroom or kitchen would need a good scrub, please add ‘deep cleaning’ extra during check out. This will give you extra 2 man hours of work and will help cleaners to leave your place spotless.

We service most of Los Angeles and Orange county. However, on certain days we can have limited availability in some areas and won’t be able to accommodate your request. Not to worry – if you received “Your Booking Is Confirmed” email from us – you’re all set and we’ll be there!

Yes, we do! All our referrals have experience with different Airbnb and VRBO properties – from studio apartments to mansions. Please give us a call if you would like to discuss extra details and we’re sure you will be happy with our service.

Unfortunately, it will not. Bugs do not appear just because the home is not clean. You would need a professional exterminator to treat the problem and special contamination service to remove bugs after treatment. Our professionals can not take that risk due to possible cross-contamination and danger to our clients.

Unfortunately, our flat rates don’t work that way. Even if you need just 1 bedroom to be cleaned, your living area and kitchen are bigger than a regular 1 bedroom place. Our rates are calculated to fit standard size homes and requirements. We would recommend to book according to the actual number of your bedrooms or just go with our hourly rate that was specifically designed for this.

Short answer: everything to get the place ready for move in.

Long answer: we include a thorough cleaning of the home, inside appliances, inside kitchen and bathroom cabinets, inside closets, interior windows, all surfaces and floors. Please note that we don’t provide shampoo carpet cleaning and exterior windows. These services should be provided by companies that specialize on these services.

Yes! Professional cleaners carry their own supplies and try to accommodate any requests if you have preferences. However, please note that we refer for house cleaning and maid services, so cleaners won’t be able to clean windows outside or provide professional carpet cleaning service. Specialized tools are required for that, so please contact a relevant company for that.

We would recommend to check your initial cleaning after it is done because people’s expectations can vary. If you can’t be there – no problem! Please leave a detailed description in the ‘Notes” section of the booking form, what exactly needs to be done and what you expect. Your cleaner will do their best to make everything right.

Absolutely, if you book a recurring service with us. Please note that availability might change so please be flexible with timing and days of your appointment and we can guarantee the same cleaning professional every time

It all depends on the size of your place and what you need to get done. With COVID measures in place, we also try to limit interactions so we refer just one cleaner unless the place is bigger 2,000 sq ft. Please also let us know your preferences.

We prefer credit cards but can still take cash on the job. However, we still require your credit card on file. We put credit cards on hold 24 hours before the service to avoid late cancellations and fraud

It’s very simple. Just go to www.rocketmaidsla.com/book-now and enter your details. The whole process should take about 1-2 minutes. Still have questions? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Give us a call at 818-208-1698 and our representatives will be there to help you.