Who wants to find the secret of keeping a clean house all the time?

Working with a professional team is the right start to finding this secret. We are bold enough to start this presentation with a promise because we are sure we can keep it.

Let us reveal you this secret!

Welcome to Rocket Maids!

Operated in Los Angeles, Rocket Maids

is a happy and professional company with the goal of offering premium cleaning services to all our customers. We stand behind this statement because when we clean a house we do it like it’s our own. This is who we are and this is how it all started. When you don’t find quality-services, you just create it yourself.

What we do

There’s an old saying: “if you want something done right you have to do it yourself”. Well, if you want a clean and safe house you have to hire Rocket Maids. This is another promise we put on the table. You don’t have to take us for granted, but you can put our words to the test anytime. We believe we can offer the greatest cleaning services on the market.

Why Rocket Maids

Rocket Maids is focusing on customer satisfaction.

As a result, you will always find our customer service ready to assist you.
Our booking system is simple and easy to use. With a simple click you will book the date and we’ll be there in time every time.
If something goes wrong and you are not satisfied with anything,we’ll be back to get things right free of charge.

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