House cleaning jobs in Los Angeles

If you’re enjoying cleaning residential areas and see faces of happy clients, then read further! We’re going through a few options of how to get into house cleaning jobs in Los Angeles area.

There are several options on how you can make it work if you already have some experience, have supplies ready to go and have a vehicle. Traffic in Los Angeles is very hectic and personal vehicle is definitely needed if you want to get to at least 2 jobs in one day.

So here are some variations and we’ll go through pros and cons of each of them.

Which house cleaning jobs in Los Angeles are best for you?

It all depends on your personality, cleaning style, schedule and how much are you looking to make? All these options should be taken into consideration if you’re looking for a new opportunity.

Cleaning business

Obviously, you probably don’t want to run the whole cleaning company, since you’re enjoying cleaning and not running a company. However, if you have 2-3 clients a week and those houses are big, you still running a cleaning business at the end of the day. Yes, this business is only you but according to all federal agencies, you’re a business – self-employed person. Hence, you’ll be responsible for your own taxes, supplies, running inventory etc. Once you get good clients, it looks like you get everything under control and it becomes a routine. But what if you get sick or decide to get a couple weeks off? There is no one to replace you and those families still need their twice-a-week cleanings. What if family moves or there is a new baby on the way? They might need a different person then and you’ll be running your marketing campaign again. With regards to income, this is not the highest paying job either. Usually it’s an hourly rate and even if you’re fast, you won’t get more than already confirmed.

Best option for: people that love to take time when they clean, individuals that looking for a slow-paced predictable job.

house cleaning job in los angeles


Employee at cleaning company

This position could be a great option for some people and not so great for others. If you’re looking for a stability that brings employee status, then this might be a good option for you. However, vast majority of house cleaning companies does not provide any benefits. Things like health insurance, paid vacation leave or even sick days are very rare in a cleaning business. Yes, you will have a status of an employee, supplies will be provided, you might even get a company car but pay is lower than average in the industry, you won’t have a flexible schedule and a day off whenever you need it.

Best option for: people who don’t have experience in cleaning.

cleaner job in los angeles

Referral Agency

Last but not least is a referral agency. This is a top-paying option in the market. Referral agencies can re-negotiate with client on your behalf if place is not in a good shape. They often split percentage of what customer is paying. Your hourly rate will only depends on your speed and you can always negotiate your percentage with the agency. You will have a full flexibility of your schedule. Agency can take care of your schedule, they are taking care of all payments and advertising and all you need to do – is to clean! You will get vetted clients that will pay your rate and you won’t need to chaise their payment.

Best option for: reliable people that want top payments and steady client flow.

If an idea of working with referral agency sounds good to you, please send your contact details to Rocket Maids by applying here:


So what is the best house cleaning job in Los Angeles?

There is no straight answer. It all depends on your experience, work ethic, schedule and goals. We gathered and reviewed most popular options on Los Angeles market and hope this will help you to make a decision. Los Angeles market is saturated with customers and cleaning requests but it’s all drowning in the search results. So do you homework, look for companies and regulations and then you can make a decision.


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Are you looking for a cleaning company gift card?

Are you looking for a cleaning company gift card?

Are you looking for a best gift? Think of cleaning company gift card!

When it comes to gift ideas, there are tons of different suggestions over the internet. So many ideas, lists all divided by categories, age, gender and your relationship. Many of them are just fillers or an attempt to get you to buy something and they will get an incentive from affiliated website.

We decided to create our own list (no links, you may find everything online) of the cleaning products that we love the most and think it might be a great gift for any adult!


Cleaning company gift card.

This is an obvious advice coming from a cleaning referral agency. You may choose any amount for the gift card and a gift of a clean house will be on the way to your friends and family. We understand that some readers might not be from a Los Angeles area, so just look for a company that provides services in your town and have gift cards available.

On the Rocket Maids websites, you may simply find a link to page with gift cards. Just fill out all fields and the card will be instantly sent to the recipient’s email. They would need to create a booking online, choosing a service, date and time. Or they can always call us at 818-208-1698 and we will help them with any question they might have.


Gift cards can be used for many occasions – Mother’s Day, Farther’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Baby shower, as a housewarming gift and many other.

Gift card from cleaning company Rocket Maids

Robot Vacuums

In our opinion, this is second best idea as a gift. You’re giving not only a device that will help with cleaning but you literally give them a free time! Just imagine how much time your loved ones could save without need of regular vacuuming. Especially if they have pets, they won’t stop thank you. There are so many good models these days for any budget, so we sure you will be able to find one. Some of those vacuums can even mop floors!


Portable upholstery and carpet cleaning device.

We especially love the one from Bissell. With this gift anyone can take advantage of own carpet cleaning machine and just eliminate those spots as soon as possible. This is a key in all stain removal techniques and carpet is no exclusion.

We’re getting many questions if cleaning company gift cards can be used for carpet cleaning. Unfortunately, we don’t provide those services but can definitely  recommend these machines!


After all, there are so many options on the market when it comes to cleaning gifts or gift cards from cleaning companies. It’s up to you what to choose. We’re always there if you have any questions and just remember that slots before major holidays can be booked up pretty quickly!



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Best glass cleaners for your shower

Best glass cleaners for your shower

We all love big shower glass doors but it’s pretty hard to clean them especially if you have hard water in your home. We gathered the best glass cleaner for your shower so you could use it to maintain sparkling clean glass and avoid those harsh water stains.

Best glass cleaners for your shower glass doors.

Best overall

Sprayway Ammonia Free Glass Cleaner 

glass cleaner spray

Very inexpensive, foam glass cleaner that is suitable for glass and fiberglass shower doors and won’t leave any streaks. Will dissolve mild soap scum, so you won’t need to work hard to remove it. Best overall, just follow the instruction!

Best Natural

Home-made mix of equal parts vinegar and dish soap. This mix can help with hard water stains and a good glass cleaner for shower doors. Use with caution if your shower is tiled with natural stone since vinegar can stain it. Otherwise it’s a great natural cleaning solution that helps with maintenance cleaning every other week.

Best for soap scum

Rejuvenate No Scrub Soap Scum Remover works well on real glass shower doors that don’t have too much of a build up. If a shower hasn’t been cleaned properly in a long time and/or have a heavy build up, I would recommend to use CLR – this cleaner has a professional strength but available literally everywhere. This is the best solution to remove a heavy build up without much scrubbing. Must have even if you clean your shower on a regular basis but have a very hard water.

cleaner to use for hard water stains

Best for mold and mildew

If you have a real mold issue in your house, we would suggest to call a specialist since it should be treated by professionals since products for mold are super strong and proper caution should be used. If you’re just experience a simple mildew due to poorly ventilated areas, any product with bleach will help you to remove stains. For example, regular Clorox spray for bathroom will help you to remove unwanted stains.

Best for hard water

CLR is the best cleaner for hard water deposits, especially if your shower hasn’t been cleaned properly in a while. Alternative solution – is to prevent a build up by cleaning shower doors regularly. Using squeegee after each shower will help to prevent any kind of build up on the doors.

best cleaner to remove hard water build up

Best Daily

You won’t need to use any cleaner everyday if you just use a squeegee after each shower. This will allow to prevent a hard water build up and glass will always look like new.

Best multipurpose

Bio Clean Eco Friendly Hard Water Stain Remover is great not only for glass doors but it works on different surfaces – chrome, tile, fiberglass, porcelain and even boat! Huge plus it’s eco friendly while having a great cleaning power!

Best squeegee

Any professional squeegee from Amazon or Home Depot. Regular plastic household squeegees do not work very well, so look for a professional thin steel squeegee with hard rubber

How to clean shower glass doors.

There are many different methods to clean a shower glass door but let’s assume we have a routine weekly cleaning. If you don’t have any build ups, just use a regular (preferred) shower cleaner and I would recommend to use regular cotton rags and not microfiber. Microfiber can leave a residue on glass so it will be visible and shower won’t be as spotless as it supposed to be. If shower door is cleaned after each shower with a squeegee, then a regular cleaning once a week is more than sufficient to keep your shower sparkling.

Cleaning solutions for shower glass doors can be used on many similar surfaces: windows, mirrors, etc. If you use something more stronger than a daily cleaner, we would suggest to read label first to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Is it spring cleaning time of the year? Yes and we have a few tips for you!

DIY or hire a house cleaning company? Spring cleaning tips for a house owner.

It’s a busy season for a house cleaning company! But why people love to de-clutter their houses during this time of the year? Well, I think it has something to do with a refreshing, sunny weather. We take out bold and bright cushions, putting on fresh bed sheets and everything feels different! Also house exterior needs some touch-ups for the summer season. So we are going to give you a few tips of how to get your place ready with this spring house cleaning tips.


spring house cleaning

Clean windows from inside and outside.

By cleaning windows we don’t just remove dust from the glass but also allow more natural light into the house. While you can use a regular glass cleaner (Windex, for example) and a simple cotton rag for your weekly or bi-weekly cleaning routine, you should opt for something more professional during spring cleaning routine. Professional house cleaning company use professional squeegee to properly clean windows from outside. If you use a cloths only, it will create smudges due to extra dirt from the outside. You will be able to properly clean windows with a professional squeegee (this one from Amazon is pretty good).

Check your pantry.

We know that many pantry items has an extended storage period but it doesn’t mean that we can keep that exotic spice for another couple years. Unfortunately, pantry items tend to loose not only quality but unique aromas and taste as well. So make sure you clean up your pantry at least every spring cleaning. It’s better to do this yourself since house cleaning companies will charge extra to do this and it’s just a simple procedure.

Go through your medicine box.

Same applies to your box with vitamins, band-aids and medicine. Please check your box every year for any expired products or simply empty packages/bottles that needs to be thrown away.

deep cleaning house cleaning

Check inventory of your wardrobe.

Spring is the best time of the year to get rid of old clothing. The weather is changing so you will take out your summer wardrobe and it’s a great opportunity to go through all your clothing once again. The good rule of thumb is to donate clothing that hasn’t been touched in a 6-10 months. Don’t forget to go through your winter items and get them ready for a storage. Wash your scarfs, hats, gloves and winter coats (or bring them to dry cleaners). Check all your storage boxes for moths and just wipe them from inside with all purpose cleaner to eliminate any odd odors.

Clean up and organize your garage.

House cleaning company provide specifically designated services to de-clutter your garage or simply make it clean again. But you can do it yourself if you have some free time. Just don’t forget to do it once a year, to go through all items and donate or recycle unwanted seasonal decor, books or sport accessories. Start with organizing and finish with dusting and cleaning the floor. You might want to invest in extra shelving to keep everything within a reach and accessible.


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What are the secrets to holiday residential cleaning in Los Angeles?

What are the secrets to holiday residential cleaning in Los Angeles?

Do you have a planned list of things to do before the holidays? We all want to keep things organized and be as efficient as possible. But what if you’re out of luck and can’t find a residential cleaning service in Los Angeles for your last minute holiday cleaning? We’ve got you covered! Below you will find some tips and trick for DIY process. This will save you some valuable time during this crazy period!


1. Create a plan.

Yes, you probably have a few plans and lists for the holidays and you lost track of all of them. But hear us out: plan to clean during several days. It’s the best to start with parts that require more time and deep cleaning. We’re talking about that backsplash in the kitchen, grout in the bathroom, baseboards in bedrooms and living room. All those things that require extra attention but won’t get too dirty within a few days. In this case, you would need just a final basic clean the day before your guests arrive.

residential cleaning los angeles


2. Donate old/unwanted items.

Cleaning is not just about making things clean but also space needs to be decluttered. If you have too many knick-knacks or items that you haven’t used in years, it’s time to donate them. You will see that cleaning in decluttered place will take less time, will be more efficient and the place will look cleaner as well. Don’t forget to go through entry closet to make sure guests have enough space for their coats. Old outwear can be donated as well.


3. Clean fridge before doing grocery shopping.

Unloading and putting back groceries to the clean fridge can be lengthy process. If you clean your fridge regularly, unloading may take even longer than the cleaning process itself. Make sure to complete this task before you go to your big grocery shopping trip. Don’t forget to remove all shelves and bins before you start. This will make cleaning easier and will save you time.


4. Do a quick, light cleaning the day before guests come.

Residential cleaning in Los Angeles can be different types. It’s a good idea to opt for a quick, light cleaning the day before you guest come. You won’t have time or resources to do anything else, so just opt for speed cleaning. Speed cleaning usually includes vacuuming/mopping floors, quick dusting of surfaces and wiping down shiny fixtures like faucets or stainless steel fridge.

holiday cleaning tips

No matter how you getting prepared for upcoming holidays, we hope you get your residential cleaning in Los Angeles on time! We wish you all the best and hope you will get to spend lots of time with your family and loved once. Happy Holidays!


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Should you do any clean-ups before your cleaner come?

Should you do any clean-ups before your cleaner come?

We’re using cleaning services when we want to save time and free ourselves on Saturdays or Sundays so we can spend more time with family. Instead of scrubbing, dusting, washing, we’d rather focus on something that we enjoy doing. That’s why you need to be prepared when professional house cleaners will show up at you door.

cleaning lady in la

Think about professional house cleaners only as cleaners. They’re usually not specialize in organizing (or decluttering), crime-scene clean-ups (and dog poop too) or magicians who can transform an old house without renovations. So what you should do before cleaners come and what shouldn’t?

You should: organize your countertops.

We all prefer different cleaners and value different things in cleaning. Majority of people like their countertops organized in a particular way. They prefer to find things in the same place where they’ve been left before the cleaning. But what if you left your hair dryer by the sink? It needs to be moved in order to clean properly. Cleaner doesn’t know where to place the hair dryer afterwards and will spent extra time trying to figure this out.

You should: declutter your space.

Obviously, some items can be picked-up during the cleaning but some places will need serious decluttering and organizational skills. Professional house cleaners usually don’t have time to declutter, so you probably won’t be satisfied with the cleaning as well.

You shouldn’t: leave out unsafe items.

There are many items in your home that might present a risk to a cleaner. Some biohazard items, any type of weapons that were left unlocked or anywhere within a reach. Make sure that some personal items are also hidden if you don’t want your cleaner to discover them.

You should: wash your dishes.

Usually this service is not included in general cleaning by professional house cleaners. So in general, it’s a good idea to empty sink before your cleaner comes and either just load a dishwasher or simply wash dishes. In that case, everything around will be cleaned properly, including sink.

You should: communicate your expectations.

If you’re hiring a new cleaner, you must be upfront about your expectations. This will increase chances for a better outcome of the cleaning. As we discussed above, people prefer different things when it comes to cleaning. If you discuss your preferences with cleaner and do a final walk-through, there are higher chances that you will be happy with the outcome.


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How to deep clean a gas grill and get ready for the summer.

How to deep clean a gas grill and get ready for the summer!

It’s summer time! Well, we’re almost there. Before we start families gathering after a long waiting and restrictions, don’t forget to create a list of things that needs your attention before the party starts. What about your grilling items? It was sitting there all winter and probably needs your attention. We will cover here how to deep clean your gas grill before you start cooking again.

how to clean your grill

Things you would need.

  • Heavy duty gloves. All the scrubbing, soapy water and grease from deep clean of gas grill, won’t be nice to your hands. Use a good protection to make sure your hands will stay dry and protected.
  • Dish soap. Use any kind of soap that you prefer personally. Any type of soap is strong enough to fight the grease. The technique here is more important than the detergent that you’re going to use. When in doubts, we recommend blue Dawn. It’s a versatile dish soap that helps with many household tasks.
  • Bucket. You will need lots of water and to collect dirty run-offs as well.
  • Grill scrub brush. Choose the one that have hard bristles, so it will be good enough for a yearly heavy-duty cleaning. It can be with a scraper but we would recommend to get a scraper separately.

How to clean.

First, to deep clean a gas grill, start with pre-heating grill for 15 minutes. This will help to warm-up the grease and make it softer so it’s easier to remove. Same principle as when you clean an oven. Before applying an oven cleaner, it’s easier to warm up an oven and go from there.

Turn off the gas using propane tank valve. Prepare bucket of warm water with a few drops of dish soap in it. Simply dip a grill scrub brush into the water and start cleaning the grates. Steam from hot grates will help to loosen dirt and grease.

When you’re done, don’t forget to cover grates with cooking oil so food won’t stick next time.

Next step is to remove and clean deflectors in the bucket with soapy water. This will help to reduce smoke and burnouts next time you cook.

Same way remove and clean gas burners. Grease and dirt can cause some blockage so it’s very important to clean them and then rinse with fresh water from inside.

Move to the inside grill then and clean a cook box. Simply put the bucket to collect dirty water underneath the grill but remove propane tank first. Use garden hose to rinse the box. Wipe dry all the parts and place them back.

Finish with stainless steel cleaner and wipe down the top part of the grill.


We hope this was useful and you will have a great BBQ party this summer! For all other cleaning related issues, we’re always here for you:



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Deep cleaning service in LA can help to save your time today.

Deep cleaning service in LA can help to save your time today.

How deep cleaning service in LA can help you to save your valuable time.

You may think it’s a luxury to hire someone to clean your place while in reality it’s all about how much time you can save. No matter what you do for living, your time is super valuable. Also, not everyone can enjoy scrubbing their shower or keep the floor clean under the sofa. If you don’t like cleaning, you could spent your time more enjoyably with help of professional house cleaners. Allow deep cleaning service in LA to take hard and dirty work and you will return to a clean home.


How much does it cost?

You may simply research costs online, there are many websites that provide a range of cleaning services prices in your area. The price is also depends on several factors. First of all, your location. Some cities are more expensive to live and labour will cost more. It also depends on local taxes, so please take that into consideration as well.

Some companies use high-end products that cost more so you should consider that when comparing prices. If you want your service to use non-toxic products, you should discuss that before hiring them. Also some companies use green products only. These products could be less effective that toxic ones, so working with them will require more elbow grease. Therefore, they will spend more time and the service will be more expensive after all.

If you’re unhappy with results of self-cleaning.

“If you want to do it right, do it yourself”. We all know this old saying. But what about professional services? We all have our own understanding of clean space. Some people are more detailed than others. Some don’t even know what deep cleaning service in LA can do for your place. If you’re unhappy with the results of cleaning yourself, you should definitely try a professional service and allow to people who do that for a living, to clean your space.

If everything goes well, you’ll be able to see results right away. Overlooked things like window cills or baseboards can add charm to your place when cleaned properly.


If you want to save money.

Consider doing some pre-cleaning before professional cleaner arrives to your home. This may sound like too much to do but cleaning itself will be more beneficial if you save time for cleaner by decluttering common space. Most cleaning professionals can organize as well but it takes time and would cost more to you. If you like your things to be where they belong, try to organize everything before deep cleaning service in LA come to clean. This simple procedure will cut off 1-2 hours from your final bill.


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What maids of Los Angeles want you to know

What maids of Los Angeles want you to know

What maids of Los Angeles want you to know.

No matter how many times you hired a company or a person to clean your house (or even if you’re just going to try it for the first time), there are some things that professional maids in Los Angeles wants you to know. It’s quite simple to get a help these days but you still need to be prepared for some things in advance to get best cleaning possible and be satisfied with the results.

maids los angeles

Difference between cleaning and organizing.

It’s understandable that some people see decluttering process as a part of cleaning routine. However, when time was allocated for cleaning only, it’s pretty difficult to save time for big organizing tasks. Surely, professional cleaners will do basic organization during cleaning – picking clothes from the floor, organizing bathroom vanity and kitchen countertops.

However, if you need some serious de-cluttering, you should consider booking hourly service and let your cleaner know this in advance. In this case, they will come prepared and will have more trash bags and time for organizing space.

Let us know if you have pets.

Many pets can shed a lot and maids in Los Angeles should come prepared. Professional cleaners carry special vacuum attachments, some using specific odor-removing cleaning supplies. Some cleaners might also have allergies so it’s very important to let them know in advance.

Please also note that professional residential cleaners are not responsible for pet cleanup. This is considered as bio-hazard thing to do. Specialized companies can be called to help you with this problem.

Plan your time accordingly.

Thorough cleaning needs time. Don’t expect spectacular results and deep cleaning if you booked just general cleaning and didn’t leave your maid enough time to focus on extra areas. You may always call and ask for time estimate if you’re unsure how many hours you would need.

maids in los angeles for decluttering

Communicate and ask questions.

It’s very important that you discuss everything with your cleaner before first cleaning. Maids in Los Angeles are very experienced and professional but they also need to know if you’re looking for a specific result. Definition of clean place is absolutely subjective and different people are looking for different things. Same professional cleaner might be a best fit for one family and just a disaster for another one. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a walk-through before cleaning. That way you point out what you’re expecting at the end of the cleaning.



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Tips for Airbnb hosts for getting more guests

How to get more guests for your property with better airbnb cleaning service in Los Angeles?

Your property looks immaculate, you worked on every single detail and have all needed amenities at your property. Everything small detail is in it’s place and your bedding is better than sheets from luxury hotel. But still you’re not getting enough clients from Airbnb or VRBO and you’re loosing days during high season. How to change this and adapt a new strategy and how airbnb cleaning service in Los Angeles can help you with that?

airbnb cleaning service in los angeles

We’re getting a lot of calls from people who are doing first steps in Airbnb business and they are often don’t know where to start. We are always happy to share basics of the process and what our referrals are usually do during the cleaning and how airbnb can be managed differently.

Doesn’t matter how big is your portfolio.

Whether you’re a big property management company or just a regular person with one bedroom sublet property, we will be able to help to everyone. We work with professional house cleaner who have years of experience in residential cleaning industry and extensive knowledge of Airbnb and VRBO properties. We understand that usual check out time is 11 am and check in is at 3 pm and everything needs to be done in timely manner. Airbnb cleaning services in Los Angeles work with this time slot and we’re not the exclusion. Would be great if you can provide your schedule in advance so we can secure a slot for you. All jobs can be reschedule and we understand if guest decides to extend their stay or cancel all together.

Laundry is a key to happy guest.

No one likes old, overused sheets. Same goes to sheets that were not properly cleaned and have stains on them. If your property is advertised as ‘luxury’, we would definitely recommend to use professional laundry service and your bedding will always look great. Of course, this option is the most expensive, so plan this in your budget beforehand. Even best laundry service can’t guarantee that all stains will be removed. Plan to spend some extra on sheets or just add this option to security deposit from the guest. Let us know if you prefer your cleaner to use washer and dryer at the site and we will always be happy to take care of bedding. Please keep in mind though that quality of washer/dryer is also very important for the end result.

tips for airbnb hosts

Importance of good maintenance.

There is definitely no need to completely remodel your property but it’s important to keep it in a good shape. Some people can be very picky and leave a bad review due to a minor difference between photo and real property. Making sure that you have no mold, pests and always have a coat of fresh paint is very important. Some things can’t be clean no matter how good is cleaning service. Many cleaners are using cleaning solutions with essential oils to make sure that everything smells good. This also helps if your building has odors of the old property. Leaving couple candles for guests will also be a nice touch and appreciated.

Constant attention to details.

Even if you don’t have skills of the professional organizer, you may always ask with your cleaner to make sure that everything is located in designated areas. Pay attention to small things, they’re are most the noticeable. Things like: tea cups together, preferably the same color, utensils are organized, tv remote is wiped, top of fridge is cleaned, etc. These things doesn’t require lots of time and cleaning can be done on occasion.




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