DIY or hire a house cleaning company? Spring cleaning tips for a house owner.

It’s a busy season for a house cleaning company! But why people love to de-clutter their houses during this time of the year? Well, I think it has something to do with a refreshing, sunny weather. We take out bold and bright cushions, putting on fresh bed sheets and everything feels different! Also house exterior needs some touch-ups for the summer season. So we are going to give you a few tips of how to get your place ready with this spring house cleaning tips.


spring house cleaning

Clean windows from inside and outside.

By cleaning windows we don’t just remove dust from the glass but also allow more natural light into the house. While you can use a regular glass cleaner (Windex, for example) and a simple cotton rag for your weekly or bi-weekly cleaning routine, you should opt for something more professional during spring cleaning routine. Professional house cleaning company use professional squeegee to properly clean windows from outside. If you use a cloths only, it will create smudges due to extra dirt from the outside. You will be able to properly clean windows with a professional squeegee (this one from Amazon is pretty good).

Check your pantry.

We know that many pantry items has an extended storage period but it doesn’t mean that we can keep that exotic spice for another couple years. Unfortunately, pantry items tend to loose not only quality but unique aromas and taste as well. So make sure you clean up your pantry at least every spring cleaning. It’s better to do this yourself since house cleaning companies will charge extra to do this and it’s just a simple procedure.

Go through your medicine box.

Same applies to your box with vitamins, band-aids and medicine. Please check your box every year for any expired products or simply empty packages/bottles that needs to be thrown away.

deep cleaning house cleaning

Check inventory of your wardrobe.

Spring is the best time of the year to get rid of old clothing. The weather is changing so you will take out your summer wardrobe and it’s a great opportunity to go through all your clothing once again. The good rule of thumb is to donate clothing that hasn’t been touched in a 6-10 months. Don’t forget to go through your winter items and get them ready for a storage. Wash your scarfs, hats, gloves and winter coats (or bring them to dry cleaners). Check all your storage boxes for moths and just wipe them from inside with all purpose cleaner to eliminate any odd odors.

Clean up and organize your garage.

House cleaning company provide specifically designated services to de-clutter your garage or simply make it clean again. But you can do it yourself if you have some free time. Just don’t forget to do it once a year, to go through all items and donate or recycle unwanted seasonal decor, books or sport accessories. Start with organizing and finish with dusting and cleaning the floor. You might want to invest in extra shelving to keep everything within a reach and accessible.


Photo by André François McKenzie and Precious Plastic Melbourne on Unsplash