Rocket Maids Terms of Service



When you book a service with Rocket Maids over the phone, internet or in person, you are agreeing to the terms set forth by this document.


Domestic workers reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Such reasons can be but not limited to: no air conditioning, no water or electricity, improper or dishonest booking, project out of scope of the original booking, not being able to access apartment/house, not listing all bedrooms or incorrect square footage, incorrect billing information. We reserve the right to re-negotiate fees if anything from above is applicable.


Domestic workers don’t climb higher than 3-step ladder due to liability reasons. Such ladder is enough to clean first floor windows, ceiling fans and lighting fixtures. For the same reasons, they don’t move furniture and/or appliances that are heavier than 30 lbs.


We love animals! But referrals don’t clean animal feces or urine. Also we don’t assume liability for health and safety of your pets.

Cancellation Fees

Since Rocket Maids reserves specific day and time to clean your house, we reserve the right to charge a late cancellation fee of $70. This fee goes to your domestic worker.
A cancellation will be considered late if the service is cancelled after 5 pm the day before an appointment. Cancellation fees may be charged for other reasons including not being able to get into the building for the service or not being able to contact the original person who booked the appointment.


Domestic workers are not responsible for normal wear and tear , improper installation of items, or artwork, collectibles or family heirlooms valued over $200 and that is not disclosed during the time of making the booking. If any damage is noticed after the cleaning, the customer must notify Rocket Maids within 24 hours of any problem that may have occurred at the address during that day and time of the scheduled cleaning.


Please let us know if you’re not happy with your initial cleaning. All claims must be submitted within 24 hours of the cleaning and we will do our best to come up with a reasonable solution. We do not provide any refunds. We do not accept claims for hourly bookings.