You’re agreeing to the following Terms of Service by booking through our website, phone, text messages or emails. Rocket Maids is a domestic referral agency that specializes in house cleaning referrals. We refer vetted, reliable and professional house cleaning workers. Our referrals love what they are doing, know how to clean professionally and have many years of experience. Please let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to answer them.

Service providers are free from our control and directions. Service Providers are customarily engaged in the independently established occupation of housekeeping.


All payments for performed services are due upon the start of the job. Client agrees to provide acceptable method of payment before the start of the job. All first-time customers are subject to credit card holds. The day before first service, we place a hold on provided credit card. In case of unsuccessful attempt, Rocket Maids will make a reasonable effort to reach the client. If this attempt will be unsuccessful, we reserve the right to cancel service at 5 pm the day before scheduled cleaning.


Final estimate of the duration of job is performed by service provider upon arrival. All incorrectly/dishonestly made cleaning requests are subject to price adjustment. All adjustments will be discussed with client prior to any changes or before job completion. Client will have the right either to agree to proposed price adjustment or pay quoted amount without guarantee of full service completion.

Walk-through after service completion

All first-time customers are required to complete a walk-through before and after the cleaning to ensure a proper communication and satisfactory result at the end. If the walk-through has been skipped for any reason, neither agency or service provider are responsible for any re-clean or touch up requests. Final walk through releases Rocket Maids or domestic worker from all further requests. Any additional requests will be charged accordingly.


Failure to notify Rocket Maids about cancellation before 5 pm the day before scheduled service, will result in a fee (50% of cleaning cost) charged to the client’s credit card.

Lock out or No-show

It is the responsibility of customer to ensure access for cleaning. If the customer is not available or other access arrangements have not been made and the service provider is unable to enter, there will be a lock-out charge equal to 50% of booking cost.

Direct Hiring Prohibited

Client agrees not to directly engage the services of any referred service provider during the term of this Agreement and for a period of nine (9) months after termination of services without informing Rocket Maids of the scheduled services. Should services commence or additional services be provided without informing Rocket Maids, client agrees to pay Agency $1,500 as a finder’s fee.


Customer guarantees to provide safe working environment without presence of bio-hazard or toxic materials for the referred service provider. Access to all areas of the premises should be provided along with working services and utilities within the worker’s reach. Domestic worker won’t be able to perform a satisfactory job without access to cold/hot water, electricity and other necessary utilities/services to perform the job. All heavy items should be moved before service provider arrival if customer wants to clean under or behind those items. Customer is also responsible for all unsecured pets inside the household.

Performance of Services

The domestic worker represents that he/she possesses the qualifications, ability and experience to perform all services requested by and rendered to client without the advice, control or supervision of Agency. The worker shall be solely responsible for satisfactory performance of services to be rendered to client. In the event client communicates a complaint regarding the quality of services rendered or work performed, breakage, theft, or any other problem occurring while the service provider rendered service, it is the sole responsibility of the provider to resolve the problem directly with client. If any such complaints or concerns are received by Rocket Maids, agency agrees to promptly inform the provider so he or she may resolve the matter directly with Client. Rocket Maids shall not be liable, and client agrees to indemnify the agency from and against any claims, losses, costs, fees, liabilities, damages, or other injuries that arise as a result of the worker’s actions or unsatisfactory performance.

Independent Domestic Worker

Agency is not the employer of the domestic worker referred to the client. Client acknowledges that she or he may have employer responsibilities depending upon the nature of the professional relationship established with the referred domestic worker and thus, may be liable for payment of State and/or Federal employment taxes incurred during and throughout the course of the engagement. In addition, client acknowledges that Agency shall not be liable, and client agrees to indemnify Agency from and against any claims, losses, costs, fees, liabilities, damages, or injuries arising out of Client’s failure to pay any such taxes.

Acceptance of Terms

Client understands and agrees that Client’s engagement or utilization of the services of a Housekeeper referred by Agency will constitute Client’s acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement even if Client does not return this executed Agreement to Agency.


Client reserves the right to replace or terminate the Housekeeper for any reason.

Consent for Use of Electronic Signatures

This Agreement may be executed by original, facsimile, and electronic signatures, each of which when affixed shall be deemed to be an original that is enforceable against the executing party.