Though your apartment may be smaller than a traditional house, your cleaning requirements are just as important. Ensuring a clear, uncluttered aesthetic within your smaller living space can be far more challenging due to space restrictions, as well as design and layout of the space. At Rocket Maids, we understand the unique needs of apartment residents within the Los Angeles , Glendale and Santa Monica areas, and can provide a robust apartment cleaning service that works with these challenges, to give you a beautiful and clean space in which to live.

Honest, Reliable Cleaners for your Apartment

Rocket Maids is California’s most trusted cleaning service for a reason. Our dedication and commitment to hard work means that you can be confident in the cleanliness of your apartment at all times. We work with a team of experienced maid and cleaners that are focused completely on getting the job done right. We pride ourselves on our speed, delivery and honesty to provide a reliable cleaning every time, and our high commitment to customer satisfaction means that we are not happy until you are happy.

Have Your Apartment Cleaned Your Way

We offer an extensive range of services designed to ensure the maximum cleanliness and clutter reduction in your apartment. From floors, baseboards, countertops and surfaces, we remove dust, dirt and grime throughout your home. Our attention to detail in your bathroom and kitchen ensures a clean and hygienic space where it matters most, and our trash removal service ensures that unwanted odors are taken care of so that they do not linger.

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If you own or are renting an apartment in the Los Angeles, Santa Monica or Glendale areas, then let Rocket Maids help you to maintain a clean, spotless home. Whether you require regular cleaning, or need to prepare for a rental inspection, we can assist quickly and efficiently every time. Give us a call at (818) 208-1698 to get started today.

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