How to keep your home free from dog’s odors? Tips on better house cleaning.

We love our dogs! But what if you start to notice that unpleasant and, moreover, stubborn smell that is most likely due to your pets? Let’s go step by step and see what can be done to keep your house clean and maintain it’s freshness so you won’t need to do a deep cleaning for your house.

better house cleaning tips

Where to start?

To keep our homes free from the dog smell, we must to keep our dogs clean as well as their toys, bowls, beds, etc. Bowls should be cleaned every day and at least once a week – the whole area around them. Regularly wash their toys (dishwasher for sturdy plastic/silicon toys and regular washer for stuffed toys). Don’t forget to clean your walls, windows and doors on a monthly basis. Dogs love to leave their nose and paw prints on those surfaces! Those dirty areas can be an extra source of a bad smell.

Keep your furniture clean.

Fur can be one of the reasons of that smell, so it’s recommended to check and clean your furniture on a regular basis – bi-weekly, ideally. But there are different types of dog fur and different tools should be used for that.. Beagles, for instance, have a short, sort of coarse type of coat that will stick into the fabrics. With that type of fur I found that regular lint roller works best. Rubber gloves

deep cleaning service

method would work ideally with thin and long coat. Just use dry rubber gloves and wipe down the furniture, collecting everything.

Accidents happen. Here is how to clean it up.

And, of course, the major source of the smell is dog’s urine. Even the best dogs have accidents in the house. The best solution here is to wipe it off as soon as it happened. If urine sits long enough on the surface (carpet of hardwood – doesn’t matter), there is a chance it will penetrate to subfloor and will stay there forever. Accumulating those accidents will add unpleasant odor to your house and you won’t be able to get rid of that unless you’re willing to redo the floor completely. Carpet is notoriously bad when accumulating different scent but Resolve Urine Destroyer can be super helpful to clean it quickly. This cleaning solution especially effective in combination with Resolve Ultra Pet. First will fight stains and second one will eliminate odor. If applied when the stain is fresh enough, it will work very well.

Tips for better house cleaning each time.

No matter what products or methods you use, try to maintain you space neat and vacuum/wash floors and furniture regularly. This will help a lot with fighting those unpleasant odors.


Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

Photo by Cristofer Maximilian on Unsplash